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At The Atwal Law Firm, our mission is to look after your interests and provide you with a service of the highest quality. We offer expert advice in legal matters within different areas of law. We work exceptionally hard to stay ahead and maintain our professionalism, therefore, you can feel assured that your case is in the best hands.

Nick S Atwal is the founder of the Atwal Law Firm. After completing his LL.B Law degree with honours, he went on to study for his LL.M (Masters in Law) and his Bar Vocational Course (Barrister Vocational Qualification). He is a member of Middle Temple Inn and is currently working on a part-time PhD proposal. He is a specialist in different areas of law including Immigration Law.


Nick has worked as an analyst for the BBC and writes for various national and local newspapers. Nick also works with a government-funded charity and has featured on several legal TV shows and legal radio shows, for which he provides advice on different areas of law.



Nick S Atwal, appearing on a popular legal TV show

Success from experience: Our legal advisors/Barristers provide expert legal advice. Our expertise, along with the experience that comes from being an established firm, guarantee a range of professional, friendly services tailored to meet your needs. Whether you are a corporation, a family, a public body, or an individual, we are here to help you. Use this website to find out more about our firm and our areas of specialisation.


We understand the frustration when your lawyer does not call you back on time and leaves you feeling disengaged. This is why we regularly update our clients and return all calls within 24 hours, if not sooner. We care about our clients and we fight hard for them to succeed in whatever issue they might be involved in.



If you have any legal problem then Atwal Law Firm should be your first stop. We have Barristers that work in every field and can offer expertise that will provide your ther necessary solutions to your problems. 

Immigration lawyers in Birmingham & London

If you are looking for immigration lawyers in Birmingham or London then you have a huge choice of firms that you can choose to go to. However immigration lawyers in Birmingham or London will generally charge you by the hour and not have any upfront fees. Here at Atwal Law you will find that we work differently compared to other immigration lawyers in birmingham or London. Firstly, we are not a firm of solicitors, we offer a service that provides specialist advice given by specialist Legal Consultants and Barristers. Anyone looking for immigration lawyers in Birmingham or London should contact us first. If you have been left feeling that you have not had the best service and are looking for immigration lawyers in Birmingham or London then give us a call on 0121 448 3996. We offer a premium service and are proud of our record in obtaining visas for our clients. We are one of the leading immigration lawyers in Birmingham and London. We provide our clients with a service that we ourselves would expect, this is why our clients refer others to us when they are searching for immigration law advice from immigration lawyers in Birmingham and London. We also have many clients from outside of these areas. We are leading immigration lawyers in Birmingham and London, however, we have clients from all over the U.K and around the world. So if you are looking for immigration lawyers in Birmingham, London or elsewhere, then try us first. 

Asset Protection

Asset Protection and Will Writing are areas that are neglected by most. Unfortunately, neglecting to look at the areas of Asset Protection or Will Writing can have a substantial impact on your life.


Asset Protection can affect individuals and businesses alike. Asset protection can affect business owners in many ways, from starting a business to times of financial difficulty, up until the time you choose to retire. Asset Protection is easily overlooked because it is usually an area that is not at the forefront of your mind. However, Asset Protection should be the first area you look at when setting up a business. Everything you own is at risk, thus, Asset Protection should certainly be a priority. Contact us for more information about Asset Protection for you or your business.


Will Writing is another area that is often overlooked. Obviously, many people are uncomfortable discussing what happens after someone passes. However, preparing for the possibility is essential and putting plans in place is crucial. Will Writing is sensible and it is important that you plan for the future of your estate. Will Writing should be done by an expert so you have no danger of receiving a will that is inadequate. When you consider the area of Will Writing, consider the beneficiaries of your will and make sure you appoint a Will Writing expert.


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