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Nick Atwal, LL.B, LL.M, B.V.C (Chief Lawyer)

Nick Atwal is the founder of the firm and the head lawyer. He has been featured on several television programmes and been an analyst for the BBC, he has also done legal radio shows. Nick understands the stress and emotional turmoil one may encounter in divorce or family law cases. We try to take as much stress off you during the process, we try to make the whole period as easy as possible for our clients.


Family law deals with legal relationships between persons who are connected through marriage, civil union, family and kinship or through guardianship, tutelage or legal supervision. The complex nature of this area makes it advisable to use the specialist services of a legally trained advisor. We will represent you both in and out of court.


We try to resolve the situation so that both parties are happy with the outcome. We endeavour to compromise, however, we also fight hard for our clients and make sure our clients are given what they deserve. On the other-hand, we make sure our clients retain what they should. We are skilled in discovering and finding hidden assets yet also experts in retaining assets and making sure that you can keep hold of what you deserve.  


Our Aim


Divorce can be a difficult time especially if one partner decides to dig in and not compromise. It is during this time that you need to be able to rely on your legal representative to help compromise and mediate so a conclusion can be reached quickly.


We want our clients to be totally satisfied with our service and recommend us. Therefore we make sure your case is resolved as soon as possible, so both parties are happy with the outcome and and with less expenditure.



Family Law Solicitors 


You might begin by looking for family law solicitors. However, family law solicitors will charge you by the hour as family law solicitors have set price procedures in place. As we are legal consultants and deal only with specialist Barristers, we provide you with set prices for every aspect of work we carry out for you. You will not be endless bills during your divorce as some family law solicitors do. You will know what the price will  It's difficult to find a Family law solicitors that will be both suited to you and your cause. When finding a suitable family law solicitors or legal represenetative then always make sure they have the correct experience and are suitable for you personally. You may end up having to spend quite a few hours with your family law solicitors or legal representative so do your research.  

Services We Offer In This Area:

  • prenuptial agreements
  • postnuptial agreements
  • drafting marriage contracts
  • divorce and separation procedures
  • child custody and protection
  • financial arrangements
  • domestic violence
  • asset protection/discovery


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