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We offer a bespoke employment law service to Businesses of any size. We act as your HR department or offer support to your HR departments. It can be very stressful during times you are made to


We provide you with legal advise within 24 hrs and can help you with your procedures and policies so you do not cantravene any rules, laws or regulations.


If your department has to deal with any controversial disciplinary decisions we will guide you through the process and help you make the correct decision.


  • You will receive expert advice from Barristers at prices you can afford.
  • We can offer special budget packages depending on the size of your business.
  • Many clients are pleasantly surprised at the low cost packages we can offer you. (Without lengthy contracts)


We want to do our bit for the economy so we tailor our packages so every size of business can benefit. If your company is thriving then we will thrive by having you as a client. We want to help our clients in every way we can.


If you have any queries about our packages then please contact us now.


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